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4 Business Lessons That You Can Learn From Games

Playtime should never be underestimated, and there are actually plenty of games that can turn you into a better entrepreneur. Though many people may think that games are counterproductive, research published in the Royal Society Open Science shows that games can support the well-being of entrepreneurs and help you succeed in the tough world of business. This turns playtime into a win-win situation because you can decompress through these games and learn a lot of important lessons in the process.

To improve your entrepreneurial skills, here’s some business lessons that you can learn from games:

Your journey is as important as your destination – Tasty Town

Business owners tend to focus on the performance of their enterprises, and they sometimes neglect important factors in the process.

Results-driven entrepreneurs may struggle with perfectionism, which is why it’s crucial to play games that can make you remember how to have fun in the midst of a hectic workday. While the game Tasty Town is a little too close to the busy food industry, you can still find joy in serving your customers and building your virtual restaurant. This game can help you keep things in perspective and remember that each moment matters— no matter how crowded your to-do list is.

Financial management skills can lead you to success – poker

Budgeting is an important skill in both business and poker.

Similarly to how entrepreneurs must practice financial management, poker players need good bankroll management so that they can survive challenging rounds and continue their path towards victory. Since poor bankroll management is one of the biggest reasons for failure in this game, it’s recommended that players take note of their skill level and the stakes at hand when planning the size of their bankroll. Similarly, entrepreneurs need to assess their capabilities and their risks when managing their business funds. It’s important that entrepreneurs recognize when a financial risk is worth it, and when it’s time to cut losses and go.

Don’t get carried away by your emotions – Monopoly

It can be difficult to maintain a poker face when you’re dealing with a business problem or losing in a game.

Though the board game Monopoly may be fun at first, many players make emotional decisions during the game and end up with disastrous results. The real estate investment game can sometimes have players acting rashly and investing in the wrong things. Emotions are undoubtedly important when it comes to relating to your customers or employees, but you’ll want to clear your head and think things through when you’re making risky decisions in both Monopoly and in business.

Your learning experiences are your best investments – Bridge

You should never stop learning, even once you become a successful business owner.

Though Warren Buffett is already a successful business magnate, he still plays bridge eight hours a week so that he can exercise his brain. The billionaire believes that the game provides intellectual challenges every seven minutes, which is why he’s said he wouldn’t mind playing it even if he was in jail. Likewise, keeping your mind sharp through bridge or other means is one way to ensure that you’re able to think fast in times of crisis. Investing a little time into these learning processes, whether seven minutes or more, is the key to an adaptable mind.

There’s a lot you can learn from work and play, and a good business leader knows how to make use of both. These games are just a few options that can help you learn crucial lessons and skills to become a better entrepreneur in a competitive world.

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