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5 Crucial Logo Design Tips for Agents and Brokerages

A piece of design that fails to represent the real meaning is a failure for the designer. Just like while grocery shopping we guess the product’s flavor by its package design. Likewise, before visiting a brand or company, people judge it by the logo. Believe us or not, the logo creates the first impression. The quality of service matters too, but the logo helps to develop a strong identity in the consumer’s mind.

Starting your Real Estate business, the logo is one of the few things you need to get made on a priority level. As you will be using it on your letterhead, business card, and shop posters. Here we will guide you on how can focus on 5 important points that will help you to create a good real estate logo.

Hire a professional Logo Designer

We are aware of the fact that the startup owners have a limited budget. Getting the job done by a highly experienced person sounds hard. However, one can hire intermediate level designer, they do fall in the category of professional. The biggest benefit of hiring a good designer is that the result of the logo will be surprisingly good. You might not need money for logo variation for a good 5 -6 years.

Choosing the right color Palette 

When designing stuff for the professional market, one cannot make choices on one personal preference. Instead, they have to accept and understand the design language and the rules. Colors have a big impact on potential home buyers and sellers. Using the right color like adding blue to your logo makes feel a sense of trust and security in your brand. Do not add more than 2 or 3 colors as the real estate business is more serious.

RED OAK REALTY a real estate company, their logo is a perfect example of how to use just 2 colors for the branding.


Not every time you wish to have a fancy logo. Detailed logos do look nice but now the world is moving towards a minimalist approach. Logo designers are using simple type-based logos for the brand. HILTON & HYLAND a luxury real estate company has kept their logo typo-based. The logo is simple yet has a great impact on the world of real estate.

Using the Initials

Since in the past few years the world is now focusing on the digital market. Using a logo for different platforms like mobile applications and websites can be hard if your logo is complicated. Using initials can be a great option for the digital platform. Brookfield, a well renowned real estate company in Canada is a great example of how they used the alphabet “B” in their website link.

Avoid Unnecessary Elements

A good designer would never suggest you add unnecessary elements in your design. During the brainstorm session do not get carried away with multiple real estate logos. As they have used tress houses just to make it look fancy. This will not only clutter your logo but when you will use it for a small space, the logo will get ruined.

For a simple modern look, check out the logo for Simon property group. Their logo is a perfect example of how to keep it modern yet minimal.

Since you’ve feasted your eyes on some on-brand real estate logos that look and feel great, you’re most likely scratching your head. Hope this article will help you in making the right decision for real estate logos. Let us know your feedback in the comment section.

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