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Do You Already Have An Office Rental In Progress: Start By Finding Out About The Exit Modalities

If you are already renting an office such as therapy office space for rent for example and want to move to a larger or more suitable workspace for your business, you must first terminate your rental agreement. The length of time required to terminate your lease depends on the type of contract you have with the office lessor. There are three different types of leases: the professional lease, the commercial lease, and the service contract.

Professional Lease

You can hold a professional lease (if you do not carry out a commercial, industrial, craft, or agricultural activity). Concluded for a minimum period of 6 years, this type of contract can nevertheless be terminated early. To terminate your contract, you must send the owner-lessor a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to inform him of your departure (you do not have to specify the reasons). You must respect a notice period of 6 months (the period begins on the day of receiving the mail).

Commercial Lease

A commercial lease is concluded for 9 years, with the possibility of terminating it every 3 years (at the end of each three years, hence the name 3/6/9 lease). You can thus leave the premises after 3, 6, or 9 years, taking good care to inform your lessor of your departure by bailiff’s deed or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and to respect a notice of 6 months. You can also terminate your contract at any time (respecting the same formalism) if and only if the lessor accepts it (amicable termination).

Service Contract

A more flexible and less formal solution, renting an office such as in 622 N LaSalle Chicago for example in a coworking space, does not involve signing a professional or commercial lease. A service contract governs relations between the service provider and the tenant. Most of the time, you pay the office rental for the desired duration of occupation (by the hour, day, week, or month). At a time when telework is becoming more and more democratized, service contracts can allow you to facilitate the management of the days spent remotely.

In addition, if you find the termination procedure complicated with a professional or commercial lease, this is surely the opportunity for you to turn to a flexible option such as the service contract!

And don’t forget: check-in and check-out inventories must also be carried out on your arrival and departure, regardless of the type of contract you have signed.

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