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Four Important Steps to Take After a LA Highway Accident

When you drive your car on LA highways, you never want to be in a crash. However, sometimes, no matter how skilled you are at driving, other motorists may be negligent or distracted while behind the wheel, putting the right of other road users at risk of accidents. 

Accidents on highways can be especially worrisome for some reasons. Usually, they occur when cars travel at high speeds, which means greater amounts of force are involved. If you have been involved in a highway crash, you must be aware of the steps to take to protect yourself and your interests. Car accident attorneys Los Angeles are available to help you get the compensation you deserve. These steps include the following:

Stop at a Safe Location

In an accident that happens on a highway where traffic tends to move fast and vehicles whiz by at least 55 mph speed, it can be dangerous to stop at one side of the road. That is why you should try to exit the highway safely, so you can stop at a safe location. If you have no other option but to stop at a side of the highway, pull your car as far over as possible and turn your emergency flashers on. Also, make sure you pull off a straight part of the roadway, so oncoming drivers can clearly view your car up ahead. 

Stay Inside the Car

If you pull over on the highway, do not get outside of your car. It takes just a vehicle passing by to cause a devastating accident. Make sure to stay seated inside your car and put the seatbelt on. Make sure that all your passengers are also buckled.

Contact 911

After getting yourself to safety, call 911 to report the crash. Once the police arrive at the crash scene, give details regarding the accident such as your location as well as specific descriptions of all cars involved like their make, model, and color. If you suspect someone is injured, tell the 911 operator about this, so emergency responders will be sent over. 

Avoid Using Road Flares

If your car has flares, you may think about using them to block off your car and direct other drivers in other directions. But, this is not a good idea. First, you may not be trained in traffic direction and getting traffic to move in a particular way may lead to congestion and increase the risk of accidents. Second, when you set up road flares, you must exit the car, which is not safe. The best thing you can do is to wait for the police to arrive, so they can direct traffic on your behalf. 

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