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Four Reasons to Learn Korean

Before, Korean was not exactly the first choice for people who wanted to learn a second language. In fact, most learners preferred to learn French, Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese. However, things have changed. These days, the Korean language has captured the attention of many people because of the famous Korean dramas and KPOP. There are many reasons why you may want to learn Korean.

These include the following:

Connect with Millions of Korean Speakers around the World

Korean culture may be one of the worlds’ friendliest and most respectful. Greeting Koreans with a simple hello (annyeonghaseyo) can lead to an outpouring of conversations. The language has a system of honorifics that gives you a clue on the age, sex, or status of the person addressed. Korea has formal language reserved for their bosses and elders and informal forms for friends and family.

Koreans are welcoming of people of other cultures. Learning their language gives you access to an amazing and interesting group of people. It will be possible for you to talk to them about their obsessions with skincare and karaoke, how to make staple Korean foods like kimchi, and the popular Korean drama.

Better Understand Korean Culture and Concepts

While the majority of Korean music and cinema fans are fine using subtitles and online translations, learning the Korean language can help in having a deeper and more meaningful understanding of their songs and shows. Studying the Korean script called Hangul can help you learn the basics. The ability to understand the language will let you gain more insights into their fascinating society and rich history.

Improve your Mental Function

Learning a second language can stimulate intellectual growth and improve mental development. It stimulates your mind, keeping your brain active and healthy. There are many Korean classes on offer online with flexible schedules. This means that you can learn Korean at your most convenient time.

Improve Relationships

The ability to interact with colleagues who speak Korean makes you a more valuable asset to your company. With Korean companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, and LG, Korea has the world’s 13th biggest economy. In case your company decides to expand into the dynamic economy of Korea, your company would put you at the forefront.

Moreover, learning Korean can help in strengthening your personal relationships with friends or loved ones who speak Korean. They will appreciate your effort to learn a new language and be excited to help you to improve more.

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