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Getting Your Home Ready To Start Your Renovation Project

When you are planning to undertake a renovation project of your home, there are many factors to consider and things you will need to sort out. You will need to prepare your home for the work to begin and ensure that the construction workers have easy access to it. You will need to ensure you get everything out of their way to allow them to work unhindered, which can take some organising. When you are having more extensive and disruptive work done to your home, you may also need to move out of it temporarily, and below are some of the things you must do before you leave.

Look At The Work You Are Having Done

When you are having an extension built to your kitchen or doing lots of internal remodelling of your home, it can disrupt you and your family, making it challenging to live in your home while the work is being done. You will need to look at the schedule for the building work you are doing and what rooms of your home are affected, and then find somewhere to stay while your home is unhabitable. Once you know the timeframes, you can start looking for storage solutions to keep your possessions safe while having building work done to your home.

Putting Everything Into Storage

You will want to go through everything you will need to remove from your home, put it into storage, and work out the size of the storage space you need. There are various storage units in Cirencester of varying sizes, so you can easily find something suitable and affordable. When booking the storage unit, always make allowances for delays to the building project, and it is worth considering keeping the storage unit for an additional month after the projected end date of your building work.

Packing Everything Up For Moving

You will need to get some boxes, packing tape, and packing material and hire a van to get everything out of your home and into your rented storage unit. Ensure you wrap your furniture, so it does not get scratched or damaged during transit and start packing everything into boxes and getting it ready to move. Start in one room in your home and use the marker to describe the contents and from which room they came, and then you can load them onto the van. Work through each of the affected rooms of your home and ensure the workers have nothing restricting their access.

Getting The Exterior Of Your Home Ready

Once you have removed all the furniture and possessions that can get in the way, you will need to sort out the outside of your home. If the builders need to get over your lawn with heavy equipment, you can put down some wooden boards to help prevent it from getting boggy and full of mud. Move any vehicles from your drive, so they do not restrict access and potentially get damaged, and your home should now be ready for the workers to arrive and start the building work to help transform it.

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