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Hire Top Big Data Analytics Services Providers

According to survey and market research, Big Data Analytics has been adopted by more than 53% of the global enterprises in the recent year and it has just increased by 11% over the coming year. The adoption of Big Data Analytics has also given a boost to the consumer industries, as it enables them to make better use of their data and helps them in strategic decision making.

This is the first time that the enterprise users and consumers are working together. Today, big data analytics companies provide customers with real-time insights on consumer behavior, which are derived from massive sets of data. This provides the businesses with valuable insights into the buying trends, geographical location and other important factors, which can help them make informed decisions.

At present, the leading and big data analytics companies are offering different types of big data analytics services that enable businesses to understand and measure their business performance in an efficient manner. The services include sales, customer satisfaction, marketing, supply chain, operational activities and many more. Most of the big data services are designed and developed by experienced professionals in the field. However, choosing the right big data services is a crucial task for any organization. Here are some of the top big data services providers and their benefits for business enterprises:

Hadoop – This is an open source software framework that is used by the big data analytics companies to implement big data analytics. This framework supports distributed application, parallel processing, high availability, and system scalability, enabling fast data processing and deployment. Apache Hadoop is a highly optimized Map-reduce framework written in Java programming language. It is used for providing both batch and streaming processing capabilities at high speed. Besides, it is beneficial for applications requiring huge data volume.

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