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Home Insurance Cover for Bushfires

Australia is in the grip of a nationwide bushfire emergency. It is not only threatening the wildlife but also ends up burning up homes too, in its wake. It is important to know how to work out the correct insurance cover for bushfire for your home as well as manage the important details of it. Almost all insurance policies for home cover your building and contents against a bushfire. This means that you will be covered up to the sum agreed upon if the damage takes place. The right amount of cover has to be decided though. In case of a bushfire, one must also take into account the extra costs that may incur such as demolition, debris removal and compliance with the modern building codes. It is obligatory for the client to be thorough with the policy documents in order to make the right claims in case of the emergency.

Climate Crisis

Bushfire emergency is affecting many parts of the Australian continent, as there is a climatic crisis which is bringing in intense droughts and extra days of fire weather. If your home is close to a bush land, it is mandatory to update your bushfire insurance. The local fire service can prepare the client for a fire, but insurance will make sure that the client’s house is covered financially in case the bushfire takes place. A comprehensive or a third party fire and theft insurance usually cover the vehicles of the insured in case of the bushfire too, along with his home.

Protecting Everyone

Some of the contents insurance policies also cover the vet bills of your pets, in case they have been injured during a bushfire. The range of the bills varies with the client’s policy between $500 and $2000. This is however an additional option, along with a regular policy. So, rest assured, your cat or dog will be covered for any burn injuries or smoke inhalation.

By settling for a cheaper insurance policy, the client might risk being underinsured. The best way to avoid underinsurance is by making sure that your home and contents sum insured values are updated. Most insurers offer a calculator to estimate the replacement value of your property or even builders can provide a rough estimate for the same.

Additional Expenses

The extra costs such as demolition, debris removal, architect fee and the cost of complying with the local regulations should always be taken into account. Bushfire insurance for your home should cover these costs out of the insured sum itself. This amount is usually disclosed in the Product Disclosure Statement of the insurance policy. There are various other factors also to consider such as if you live in an old building, in a fire risk zone, it might cost you more to rebuild. This is due to the fact that the new house has to conform to the new fire safety rules. It is important to discuss the Bushfire Attack Level of your property with your insurer to determine the rebuilding cost for later.

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