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How To Choose The Right Product Packaging

In this article, we will see how to package your products and how to design a package to match your brand. Forget the simple cardboard box and offer your customers an experience worth telling!

How to choose the right product packaging

The main function of packaging is to protect. If your goods are delivered damaged, your customers will be disappointed, and you will receive more returns in your e-store. You will need sturdy, waterproof outer packaging and cushioning material inside.

Order packaging samples. As an entrepreneur, you’ll likely opt for self-imagined packaging designed in standard packaging materials with your design or logo. Always order test packs of different sizes from several suppliers.

Innovate. Bubble mailers or plastic sleeves are good alternatives to cardboard boxes for mailing clothes or small items. As these packages are light, you can offer affordable shipping costs. They are also very practical if you make local deliveries on foot or by bike.

Choose 3 or 4 different sizes like Extra Large packaging Boxes. By following this advice, you will be prepared for all eventualities, you will offer a quality customer experience, and your SME will stand out from giants like Amazon. If a customer orders three books from your online store, it would be absurd to send them separately. Also, don’t send a very small item in a huge box.

Why not opt ​​for reusable packaging? Several companies are currently testing this solution. Living packets offer The Box, a connected box that can be reused up to 1,000 times.

Test Your Packaging!

Good packaging with Brandt Box for example opens easily without damaging the goods it contains. Here are the steps to follow to test the packaging of your products:

Pack and reseal multiple packages as if you were preparing a customer’s order. Now try to open them with your hands. Are you getting there? Do you need to use scissors? Ask your friends and family to test without tools because your customers will do the same!

Drop a package on the floor, then leave it in the shower for a while. This operation will allow you to test the tightness of your packaging. You can then change the amount of filler material or add a waterproof inner layer.

Send a package to yourself. Check how your products arrive. Have they been run over or damaged along the way? If your tests were unsuccessful, you would likely need to tweak your packaging or add instructions to the package to help your customers open it without damage.

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