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Just How Much the concept of Education Is Booming in India After Independence

India is really a developing country with enthusiasm to stand out in each and every field. The united states saw a lot sorrows and discomfort during the time of British rule. However in the influence of Britishers Indians learnt lots of new inventions, technology and techniques. After independence, it offers a developing scenario in each and every field and education is among the fields whose development reaches componen. The nation had got updated only with this tool of your practice. Now we’ll visualize the academic growth and development of India after independence within the following manner.

Number of Literacy

The speed of literacy have been elevated tremendously during the time of independence. It had been 19.three percent in 1951 and 65.four percent in 2001. The federal government had began free and compulsory primary education having a provision of mid day meal. Colleges and universities in India had elevated to a large number.

Enlargement of Technical Education

After independence, there have been establishment of numerous engineering colleges, medical colleges, polytechnics and industrial training institutes etc which imparted technical training and education with a large amount of approach. For instance Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management and lots of other colleges of medical and farming education.

Education for ladies

In ancient occasions women were said to be imprisoned at home. These were designed to do household works. But after independence women had got their identities. They’d began their participation in the area of education on the top priority. The literacy rate of ladies had elevated a great deal after independence.

Vocational Educational

The federal government had began a lot of programmes to supply vocational education in the area of diary, agriculture, typing, pisciculture, electronics, woodworking and mechanical etc.

Adult Education

There have been a lot of adults who weren’t educated but require education in each and every respect to get a esteemed image. For this type of purpose government had began the programmes for adult education. The age bracket of 15-35 years is available in this category. The figures of adult education centres were 2.7 lakhs which in fact had elevated the literacy rate in 2001 to 65.38. These programmes mostly are negligence rural areas.

Science Education

Indians are extremely intelligent in the area of scientific inventions and breakthroughs. To build up new strategies and technologies we must have the entire understanding of science. After independence, there have been a lot of schools which offer education regarding science. The financial aids are now being provided regarding teaching materials, teachers or professor, laboratories and science kits etc.

Educational Institutes

In ancient occasions there have been insufficient schools, universites and colleges in India. After independence, you will find ample of colleges, universites and colleges in India. The amount of universities in 1951 was 27 which in fact had elevated to numerous 254 in 2001.

Thus, India saw a lot of developments in the area of education after independence to be able to gain the amount of excellence to some great height having a view to manage every single challenge.

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