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Marketers share their work with robots and automated systems: why sales engagement platforms are becoming more and more popular

Marketers convince managers – it is necessary to spend money to buy and implement the latest developments in the promotion of goods and services. And more and more a strange situation is emerging, a real dilemma: why those who would like to keep their jobs seem to give them to robots, automated systems and other sales engagement platforms. In fact, there are at least three reasons for this, and we’ll tell you about them in a moment.

How not to drown in digital world of information, but manage it

In fact, many analysts have long been drowning in the vast amount of useless and unnecessary information that is literally coming from all communications to marketers. They are trying with all their might to get out, to use their experience and knowledge in order to get something really valuable and important. But once again they are immersed in a sea of numbers that are more fact-tracking than offering ways to predict future actions of partners or customers.

Still, there is one interesting thing in this almost magical vicious cycle. Analytical systems can extract the most important information from a huge amount of data that seems useless and saturated with monotonous information:

– trends and rhythms of buying behavior;

– purchase incentives;

– the characteristic signals of a change in behavior or the beginning of a new wave of interest.

All this information is obtained by methodically processing hundreds of thousands or even millions of customer actions and decisions. This is why automation does not hinder the work, does not take away analysts’ bread, but on the contrary, gives them a powerful business advantage.

How do ways of attracting buyers work now

The arsenal of influence on buyers has expanded so much that it’s only a question of direct sales in live communication when it’s three possible ways for a company to work:

– a startup with minimal base capital without an article on e-marketing;

– a very limited market for the sale of unique goods – art, cars of rare brands, technological developments at the level of scientific inventions, jewelry, which can also be considered works of art, and so on;

– implementation involves only the diagnosis of a purchase or service for a particular user and only through personal contact can a commercial decision be made.

All three methods of implementation are extremely unique, covering a narrow segment of the market. In all other cases, at least three of the most important ways of communication are used:

– personalized or mass email newsletters;

– telephone messages and direct telephone conversations, messages, offers;

– work through social networks and websites, special platforms for sales and orders.

All of them form the basis of involvement in sales and effective business development.

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