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Not Seeking Immediate Medical Attention After a Car Accident: What Happens to Your Claim?

Seeking immediate medical attention is something you should do right after a car accident. Even a simple injury can get worse without immediate treatment. Sometimes, you may suffer injuries that don’t display symptoms right away but must be treated right away. And if you delay treatment, your symptoms can exacerbate and result in a slower and longer recovery period. Sometimes, it can even lead to long-term disability or death. Also, it is important to go to a doctor immediately after your accident, so you can have your injuries and overall health condition documented because you will need this later when you file a claim against the party who caused the accident.  An experienced Auto Accident Lawyer near me will walk you through the process and ensure you get compensated for your injuries and other losses. Keep reading to know how not seeing a doctor right away may affect your claim:

Can You Still File a Claim If you Did not Go to the Doctor Right Away?

Even if you choose not to get immediate medical attention after your accident, you still have the right to file a claim against the insurance company of the at-fault driver. In the state of Colorado, the statute of limitations for car accidents is extended to three years from the date the accident took place or the date your injury was discovered. 

Impact of Delayed Diagnosis on Your Claim

If you want to succeed in your claim for damages, you must show that you actually sustained injuries from the accident. Waiting to get medical confirmation of your injury will only give the other party a good reason to argue that your injury did not result from the accident and deny your claim. Keep in mind that once you file a claim, the insurance company will start investigating your claim and may hire people to follow you every day to try to capture you while performing physical activities that may question your injury claim. Or they may also want to see you doing activities that may have caused your injury. 

As a car accident victim, you have nothing to lose when you get medical attention after the crash. This will help confirm your injury or if you have delayed injuries that may manifest later. Also, this ensures you have a record of seeing a doctor for your injuries that can help support your claim. 

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