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Our Guide To Choosing A Globe

The ideal globe will always be the one you use best. A first introduction to world geography? A globe displaying only a limited amount of information (countries, capitals, lines of latitude) will be fine. You will increase the complexity and the details depending on the person for whom it will be intended. A decorative object will accommodate a larger size and a slightly lower degree of accuracy.

Determine The Need

Long relegated to the background behind the maps of the world, it was in the 1930s that the terrestrial globe invaded our schools and classrooms. Generally inclined to remain faithful to the axis of the Earth about the Sun, it is crossed by a rod and takes place on support from which it will be possible to turn it at will to better study it.

Its accurate representation of the curvature of our planet makes it an excellent tool for planning both sea and air routes and the course of satellites. Daily, in our homes, it becomes a first-choice educational resource and a decorative object to slip into any interior.

For Decoration

Even the cheapest models can present a nice design side. And as you go upmarket, you will come across the wood, metal, and meticulous finishes. Even precious stones. Small works of art to offer yourself without fear of making a mistake.

For Learning

Location of cities and countries, place of historical events, habitat of rare or common animals. The educational potential of the terrestrial globe is a real call to curiosity and a great opportunity to share your knowledge about the world.

For Travel Memories

For simple dreamers or adventurers at the start, the terrestrial globe is finally a nice way to remember past journeys and evoke unforgettable memories. What to define without waiting for your next destination.

Additional Features

Luminous Or Classic Globes

Once the choice of size and overall style has been made, your search can be refined in many other ways. We particularly like the luminous globes, which will nicely bring out the bright colors of the map day and night. While some will turn on by simply touching the meridian, most models will have an electrical outlet and require a power source. These globes will be offered with approximately 150 to 180 cm cable. You may be better off sticking with a non-lighted model if your location doesn’t allow close access to an outlet. These will offer the particular advantage of being able to be placed anywhere!

The Meridian

The meridian is this circular arm that frames the sphere of the terrestrial globe and maintains it at the base. More precisely, it will generally be a half-meridian, which will not form a complete circle around the globe. Plastic, wood, or metal may or may not be graduated to indicate the latitudinal degrees. The smallest terrestrial globes will sometimes not need a meridian to be properly maintained.


From the most classic to the most design, the foot (or the base) of your terrestrial globe or Globes for Kids is a real extension of your model’s aesthetics. Mahogany or stained walnut wood blends better with antique maps, copper, or gilded metal associated with the shiny materials of modern terrestrial globes. The foot will generally consist of a flat base on which a curved meridian will be fixed for simplified rotation. Going upmarket, you will come across other supports with several legs, minimalist or more complex curves, or even a pillar exceeding 115 cm in height.

Educational Accessories

Terrestrial globes such as Replogle Globes for example primarily aimed at children’s learning can be supplemented with a stylus that will be used to navigate to different places on the Earth and which will audibly share various specific information. Others will also include a magnifying glass, which is very practical for locating certain points more comfortably.

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