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Responsibilities of a Patient Care Technician

Patient care technicians are those who will support doctors, nurses and medical staff who take care of patients while they are in hospital.

Therefore, patient care technician courses in Miami as they say in Spanish cursos de technico de atencion al paciente en Miami will help them to communicate various needs and concerns with the medical staff, when they report any changes in the condition of patient’s care.

 Following are few responsibilities of any patient care technician:

  • To provide patient care like feeding and bathing.
  • To conduct regular patient round and to meet patient’s family members if needed.
  • To monitor patients’ intake of food and liquid and make note of all irregularities.
  • To obtain specimens to conduct and record test reports.
  • To check BP, heart and pulse rate on routine basis.
  • To escort patients for X-rays or any other diagnostic procedures.

Therefore, following will be necessary qualities for such professional in addition to their necessary qualifications.

  • Communication skills

This will be required for addressing specific needs of patients’ or residents’ and communicating clearly with other healthcare service workers.

  • Compassion

As you have to take care of elderly, sick and injured people, hence compassionate outlook will be needed in this profession.

  • Patience

Often taking care of patients is very stressful. Since PCTs will be involved in cleaning, feeding and bathing patients and you need to be calm.

  • Physical Stamina

Similar to many professions of medical field, you have to remain on your feet and hence you must be comfortable to perform physical jobs.

How to become PCT

Following are the steps needed to pursue career as PTC:

  • Obtain high school diploma

Try to complete your high school from a recognized institution and try to focus on certain elective course particularly in communication, physical education and also biological science.

  • Pursue state-approved education

Usually, the required educational program meant for PCT may depend on employer’s requirement, but select an educational program which will fit within your specific objectives in this field.

  • Complete all supervised clinical practices

Within the state-approved educational program, surely you may get a chance for hands-on experience in the clinical practice.

This will require you to offer basic patient care service under supervision of medical professional.

  • Earn your certification

Having completed state-approved educational program, try to gain skills and knowledge to become PCT, and you have to clear certification exams conducted by your state/employer.

  • Apply for PTC positions

After finishing your educational program and obtaining necessary certification, you can now start applying for PTC positions.

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