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Setting the Right Billing Rates: A Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

Do you feel overpaid? Your clients regularly make this assumption. They pause when they notice your hourly rates and the hefty sums on their invoices. It’s simple to assume that. It’s actually the reverse in reality. The vast majority of lawyers are overworked and underpaid. Many people simply aren’t getting paid what they deserve, in short, aren’t satisfied with law firm billing rates.

Your customers don’t have the whole picture 

They are blind to the substantial time, effort, and money you devote to their case. They don’t care much about the significant losses you face frequently. Your effective billing rate is a contributing factor. Because they are in the dark, lawyers are working for less money than they should. You understand what I mean when I use the word effective billing rate. I still want to confirm that everyone understands the situation.

Reduce and enhance incentives 

Discounts, write-downs, and write-offs are a regular occurrence in the life of an attorney. To maximize their incentives, customers offer a range of justifications.

  • Justice shouldn’t cost me anything! These clients believe they have done nothing wrong. They interpret this to indicate that you or your opponents—anyone but them—should be made to bear the cost of your legal counsel.
  • “In return, I’ll recommend more customers your way.” Although it seems like a great deal, this is not the case. The point is not whether or whether it is accurate. Your referrals are probably from more frugal clients who want to pay as little as possible for your services while getting the most out of their legal representation.
  • Our group/club/ethnicity is the same as ours.” If there is a quid pro quo agreement, then this can work. Usually, the reverse actually transpires. In return for little or no compensation, you are expected to deliver a large amount of representation. These “clients” won’t ever let you stand up again if you don’t kneel down to accept this agreement.
  • I simply can’t afford you.” Through this, social norms are manipulated for the sole benefit of the “client.” Attorneys are persuaded to give their services at a (heavily) discounted price with a little bit of implicit nudge and a lot of societal pressure. If this argument is successful once, it will be utilized often to demand rewards and value from the company.
  • Why is my bill so expensive? I won’t be spending that. Clients are either unwilling to spend more than they anticipated for legal services or they haven’t received the proper degree of communication. These clients take advantage of the fact that firms are reluctant to lose them in order to demand more money from the lawyers handling their cases.

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