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So What Can Wall Street Gain knowledge from the Tech Industry’s Job Stability?

Based on MSNBC’s The Conclusion, individuals who operate in we’ve got the technology sector were built with a good year this year. Most particularly, these were (apparently) much less inclined to lose their job.

Just 3 years ago, tech companies announced they would eliminate greater than 174,000 jobs in ’09 – the industry’s peak number, The Conclusion stated. The quantity of “planned jobs cuts” dropped this year, so that as of 2011, these were reduced to simply 37,038. While still a considerably many jobs were lost this past year, the advance isn’t any doubt impressive. It implies that the tech sector is making real progress. Also it should make individuals on Wall Street ask themselves: so what can we gain knowledge from the technology industry?

Undoubtedly, market variations need to be considered. At this time, technologies are booming. The planet is shifting from bulkier, DVD-drive laptops (and from time to time desktops) to lighter and faster portable machines, in addition to tablets. Smartphones are gradually replacing the requirement for other devices. In compliance using these changes, tech information mill experiencing a wondrous boom as consumers hurry to purchase the most recent and finest gadgets using their favorite manufacturer.

The financial community has not been so lucky. Wall Street doesn’t have any new or groundbreaking products to intrigue everyone. Rather, the financial community still makes most of their money in the same services it’s been supplying for generations. This will make it tough for that sector to reignite customer excitement. Consequently, Wall Street has already established to struggle with the hard occasions and hope the economy recovers – which things eventually go back to normal.

But can there be anything the sphere is missing? Can there be something that the financial world could study from technology?

To begin with, what about some innovation? Whether it can not be a completely cool product, what about an innovative or innovative method of offering a current service or product?

Second, the tech industry has not been afraid to expand. Most lately, we have seen hands-free devices, touch screens, social media, and an array of other tech features hit the car industry. Formerly, this was a industry that tech companies barely thought about. Possibly it is time for Wall Street some thing inside a similar matter and achieve to fresh markets and industries.

Finally, Wall Street must improve its image. At this moment, the Occupy Plastic Valley movement isn’t as strong as Occupy Wall Street. Why? Because in Plastic Valley, individuals don’t see there to become as numerous issues that need fixing.

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