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Standing Out in a Sea of Websites

In this day and age, it is safe to say that not only do most businesses have websites, most people do, too. And why not? Websites can be a first look into who you are or what kind of work you do for those who are not familiar.

When looking for web design in Shrewsbury, there are definitely a few things worth keeping in mind so that you get the very best website possible. Make no mistake about it: Every business these days should have a website.


Perhaps the most important feature of a website – and one that far too many websites make difficult to find – is what is known as the NAP: name, address, phone number. These are three vital pieces of information that no user should have to work to find.

By making them a part of the header or footer or placing them on each page, you are constantly reminding your potential customers about how they can reach you. If that information is not readily apparent, they likely won’t take the time to find it.

Keep your name, address, and phone number visible on every single page to make it as easy as possible for your customers to know how to get in contact with you.


Every website needs to have quality content. More than ever, quality content is a driving force behind search engine optimisation. Google ranks content very highly, looking to fill its searches with high-quality, informative search results.

Content is a great way to draw in organic traffic and hit those targeted keywords as well. This is yet another way of strengthening your SEO game, keeping you at the top of search results without having to have a huge marketing budget.

A Focus on User Experience

Most of all, a quality website should have a focus on the overall user experience. User experience is a huge driving force behind a successful website. This is why business websites need to be easy to navigate, creative, intuitive, and fast.

That last bit is a huge key. Users won’t stick around for a website that doesn’t load in three seconds or so. If your website lags behind those times, it should be time to implement changes to increase site speed.

With another high ranking in Google’s algorithm, it should be no surprise that site speed plays such an important role. Running speed tests can keep you aware of your current speed and keep users pleased with the rate at which your site loads.

High-Quality Images

One thing that gets a bit lost by inexperienced SEO people is the importance of images. They need to be high quality and should always have alt and image tags as well. This is because search engine crawlers see this text and know to apply it to a website’s SEO score.

Compression of images is essential for site speed as well. Keep them as small as possible without sacrificing quality to really enhance the look and appeal of your website.

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