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The 4 Most Important Features of an International School

If you are moving to Bangkok and you plan on sending your kids to an international school, you will be happy to know that there are many good institutions in the capital. The number of international schools has steadily grown, and Bangkok now has some of the best private schools in Asia. A good international school can help make your kids transition a lot easier, so look for these 4 important features.

  • Native Speakers

This is vitally important when choosing private schools in Bangkok. You should always have teacher who are native speakers. This doesn’t mean they are native in the local language but in the subject, they are trying to teach. One of the main factor’s parents consider when choosing a school is native speakers. If your child is studying in Bangkok and being taught the American curriculum, they must have teachers from the US.

  • Additional Programmes

Many parents choose international schools that provide a range of extra-curricular activities. Although core subjects like Maths, Science, History and Geography are important, so are additional programmes that give students more options. Extra-curricular activities vary from school to school, but the more they have the better it is for the students.

  • Languages

If expat kids are studying in Thailand, most parents want them to learn from teachers who are native speakers of the curriculum that is being taught. They also want to have the opportunity to expose their kids to the local language and to a variety of other languages, such as German, Italian, and Mandarin. Having access to a range of other language classes is a big plus in an international school.

  • Class Size

It is no secret that you pay extra to go to a good international school, so parents expect to have a small number of students in each class to ensure their kids get enough attention. Most parents factor in the size of the class when choosing a school. Generally, most parents believe that a class of 12 or less is acceptable, while classes over 20 are considered to be too big.

You may not be surprised to find that languages and extra-curricular activities are a top priority for parents when choosing an international school. Parents want schools to show that they can provide a wide range of subjects, exposing their students to variety of disciplines. When picking a school, it is important to take your time and consider the driving factors.

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