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Three Giant Sectors And The Application Of Optics

Optics is the science of using the electromagnetic description of light, by utilizing simplified models. In todays fast pace world, the use of optical science has increased substantially in various disciplines including photography, medicine, astrology, engineering, and many more. You can also find the application of optics in several technologies such as lenses, mirror, telescope, fire optics, lasers, and microscopes.

In this article, we have covered the top three sectors where the application of optics is important:

Optics in manufacturing

Modern manufacturing techniques are used to cope up with the ever-increasing developments in technology. Optics is being used in high proportions to revolutionize the manufacturing process. To ensure consistent fabrication, optics is used to visualize improvements in accuracy, precision, control, and speed. It is used for the manufacturing of products like semiconductor chips, roads, tunnels, and chemicals and also plays an important role in both performing and controlling manufacturing.

Optics in the medical field

Optics has been used for a very long time for the examination of the human body in the medical field and also in some therapeutic treatments. It is a powerful and versatile technology for the development of present as well as future generations of medical devices for diagnosis, therapy, and surgical applications. The research and development carried out in this field are also based on optical and photonic techniques. The healthcare industry and the medical profession are the commonly known industries where optical solutions are used. Future developments are expected to use optical devices in this field as common as ultrasound scanning devices. Future advances of optics in this field will include their use as lab on a fiber or LON where optical instruments are combined with micro and nano-sized functionalized materials to obtain the desired results.

Optics in Aerospace

Optics is used in LIDAR applications. LIDAR stands for light detection and ranging which is a remote sensing method that uses light to measure ranges where light is used in the form of pulled laser. Its examples include airplanes and helicopters, which acquire LIDAR data overbroad areas. A LIDAR instrument consists of sensors, lasers, and a specialized GPS receiver.

In this way, the optics is being used in every aspect of our day to day life. More future advancements are about to come in these fields including fields like biomedical devices, laser material processing, lidar/ladar application, holographic and lithographic, communication, and optical sensors.

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