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What to Expect of Your Car Accident Injuries Heal More Slowly than Expected?

If you have been in a catastrophic crash, you probably want to heal and get back to your normal life as quickly as possible. However, your recovery may be slower than you expect. That is why you may hope to get the financial compensation you need as you deal with your condition. This is where a boise idaho auto accident lawyer can help you. Your lawyer will ensure you demand a compensation amount that covers both your current and future needs, especially if you have injuries that do not heal fast. Read on to know the effect of a complicated injury on your injury claim:

Your Healing Time Can Extend Because of a Pre-existing Condition

Medical conditions that you may be suffering from before your accident and injury such as degenerative joint disease and arthritis can predispose you to injury. However, other conditions can affect the ability of your body to heal after being injured. 

For your body to recover from your accident-related injury, it needs nutrients, oxygen, and specialized cells. If you suffer from a medical condition that minimizes blood flow, it can make it more difficult for your body to deliver these essentials to the injured part. Some conditions that can affect your body’s ability to heal include immune deficiencies, diabetes, COPD, and peripheral vascular disease. If you suffer from any of these conditions, report them to your medical provider, so they can modify your treatment plan to address your particular needs and carefully keep track of your healing.

Your Injury Pain Can Get Worse If You Ignore Your Mental Health Needs

Experts say that your mental health can affect your healing. For instance, anxiety and depression can intensity your pain level and slow down healing. Thus, if your accident and injury make you feel overwhelmed and you feel symptoms of anxiety or depression, talk to your doctor about it. Your medical provider may recommend counseling medication and other therapies to help minimize the seriousness of your symptoms. 

If your accident-related injuries are healing slowly, you need an attorney at your side. Under the law, insurance providers cannot deny a claimant’s claim because they have a pre-existing condition or heal slowly. But, insurers may still devalue your claim. A claims adjuster may argue that you are just faking your symptoms and injury. And may hire private investigators to follow you, hoping that you will be caught doing activities that can make your condition or injury questionable.  

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