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When Can Natural Gas Be The Best Option? What Are The Advantages?

What are the advantages of natural gas? Regarding business fleet management, assessing whether this is the most viable option, both in economical and practical terms (maintenance and use), is necessary. To help you make this decision, we have prepared an article with the advantages of natural gas (CNG) and listing when it is worth considering the change.

Advantages Of Natural Gas Over Liquid Fuels

One of the most famous advantages of natural gas is the economy. A survey when you visit website revealed that it could reach 61% for gasoline vehicles and 59% for ethanol. In the case of fleets, take the opportunity to monitor the costs of each vehicle and monitor, in real-time, the return on investment in natural gas.

Another factor to consider is security. You are probably in doubt about this, as you must have read or seen something about bursting tanks. The answer lies in the quality of the equipment and installation service. As natural gas is stored at high pressure, it is necessary to ensure that the cylinder has a seal without seams or welds. The workshops that install the kit need to be accredited by the same body.

To carry out the conversion, the first step is to request authorization from the Detran for some countries. Once converted, the vehicle undergoes an inspection that will generate a Vehicle Safety Certificate (CSV). Then, the registration of the fuel authorization will be made – renewed annually – and the seal for refueling will be affixed to the windshield. In addition to these significant advantages, there are others that, even though they are less obvious, should also be considered: as CNG is cleaner, it reduces waste in the injection nozzles.

The oil change period usually increases by one or two thousand km, and the exhausting life is more prolonged (around 20%). With the new generation of the gas kit — the fifth — the vehicle no longer loses so much power in the engine. The only significant inconveniences are the loss of space in the trunk (in some cases, the cylinders can be installed on the outside of the car) and for those who drive or live in the interior of the country, where the concentration of stations that offer the fuel is still is low.

As nothing is perfect, some maintenance point is a negative points. Greater care is needed in Trading Natural Gas Futures the use and periodic evaluations. Some tips are: run 3 to 5 km a day with gasoline or ethanol, avoid aging in the tank and change the spark plug wires for specific models of gas cars.

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