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Why British For Global Business?

Economic, demographic, and cultural changes have driven the establishment of British because the world’s primary language for worldwide communication over other languages for example Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, French, and German.

Partly it’s because the huge influence from the Internet that has made the planet smaller sized and much more accessible. Since British may be the primary Internet language, elevated Internet usage means an growing interest in British.

Based on David Graddol within the British Council Publication known as “British Next” the amount of people learning British will probably achieve an optimum close to 2 billion within the next ten to fifteen years, having a significant increase originating from Chinese students, believed now around 250 million British learners, growing of approximately 20 million each year.

Regardless of the remarkable changes from the last couple of years, one factor seems certain. More and more people than ever before would like to learn British. But, like a news headline, that isn’t a story. We have all learned about the growing recognition of British all over the world.

Not even close to being news, it is among the couple of long lasting details of worldwide modern existence – a pattern that started within the late 1800s when British was heralded, from Europe to Japan, because the new rising world language.

Here’s an excerpt from your economic development sales brochure put by the Hong King government (emphasis mine).

Having a population of seven million, Hong Kong is really a busy and energetic worldwide metropolis. An amiable and accessible city, Hong Kong endures its strong work ethic and may-do attitude.

Hong Kong has a well-educated workforce, with nearly half of students attending universities both at home and abroad. This local pool of experienced and entrepreneurial talent provides an essential mixture of worldwide market savvy by having an appreciation from the business culture within the fast-growing Landmass metropolitan areas, and across Asia.

In offices and boardrooms, British may be the usual language of economic, even though many in Hong Kong speak British, Cantonese and Mandarin, supplying another vital connect to business with Landmass China markets and consumers. Hong Kong’s local pool of talent provides an essential mixture of worldwide market savvy by having an appreciation from the business culture in Landmass China.

o Multi-lingual workforce – British may be the language of economic

o Experienced, flexible and motivated population

o Familiar with travelling and dealing in Landmass China and through the region

o Acquainted with the most recent worldwide business practices

o Strong work ethic – industrial action very rare

Thanks for visiting Hong Kong, Asia’s Business Capital. Invest HK.

When the amount of British loudspeakers can be used to lure investors, you can be certain that British has “currency”, it’s value, it may be monetized, which is the quickest method to global business success.

Steven Moore is Adjunct Professor of Communications and Communications Coach for undergraduate and graduate programmes in the Queen’s School of economic in Kingston, Ontario.

With more than 75 publications to his credit, he’s a recognized leader in the area of business communications teaching and training at both undergraduate and graduate level.

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