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Why do people hire personal injury lawyers in Colorado?

Following an unfortunate car accident, you may find yourself in a state of financial distress. Medical bills, lost wages and other losses can add up in no time. If the accident happened because of someone’s fault, you can file a claim with their insurer, seeking compensation for your losses. This is true for all personal injury cases, including medical malpractice, dog bites, slip & fall accidents, and so on. Like many others, you may wonder – Do I really need to hire a personal injury lawyer in Colorado? For what situations do I need an attorney, and how can they help? In this post, we are sharing answers to these basic questions. 

Because expertise matters

One of the key reasons to get an attorney is to avail their experience and expertise. While Colorado is a fault state, getting a fair compensation for your personal injury case may not be easy. Claims adjusters often adhere to bad faith insurance tactics, and many of them would do anything to reduce the liability of the company they work for. As such, you need an attorney, who can protect your rights and interests. 

Because you must establish liability

If there were more than one vehicle involved, or when you have a share in fault, it can be hard to file a claim. Who should be held liable for the accident? What happens if there was a truck involved? What should you expect in settlement? A good lawyer is your best bet for evaluating the circumstances and getting a fair overview of the case. Your attorney will guide on establishing fault and liability, so that you can proceed further with your claim. 

Because dealing with the insurance adjuster is not easy

People also hire personal injury lawyers because they don’t want to deal with insurance companies and claims adjusters. Like we mentioned, these claims adjuster often don’t show any empathy, and whatever you will be offered would be less than what you deserve. Your attorney knows what it takes to negotiate, and they will try their best to settle claims outside of court. However, if there is a need to go to trial, your attorney will not step back from that either. 

As you may have guessed, having a personal injury lawyer in Colorado is all about having expertise on your side. While not necessary by law, hiring a lawyer is a wise decision, no matter the circumstances. Your lawyer can ensure that you have time to focus on recovery. 

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