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Why You Should Let an Experienced Employment Lawyer Review your Employment Agreements

The majority of employees tend not to look at documents they sign. They usually sign documents without reading the fine print. But, when it comes to signing an employment agreement, a careful review must be done by an experienced Austin Employment Discrimination Lawyer. The agreements you will sign may affect your life forever, so you should not rush to sign them.

Kinds of Employment Agreements

When you are hired, your new employer may ask you to sign different employment agreements from the start to the end of your employment? These include employment agreement at the time of hire, contractual agreement, non-disclosure agreement, employment review after every yearly review, non-solicitation agreement, non-compete agreement, confidentiality agreement, and severance agreement.

The employment agreement will define the specific terms of your responsibilities, wages, and benefits and under what conditions you may be terminated from your position. Similarly, signing an employment review testifies your acceptance of the accuracy of your performance evaluation. And when you are asked to sign a severance agreement, you may be asked to release and give up a lot of legal rights and claims. Because of the complexities of legal terms in these agreements, it makes sense to let an employment lawyer review your contact.

Your Lawyer Will Help You Avoid Signing Away your Career

Employers are aware of a new hire’s eagerness to start a new job and that they tend to unwittingly agree to unfair terms that could affect their career years after their employment is terminated. Without an expert review of your employment agreements, you may not know what you are agreeing to. Workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, and personal injuries can happen and your employment agreement may have specific terms on what you could expect when you experience any of these workplace issues. By hiring a lawyer who is familiar with these agreements, you will not end up signing your career away.

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